Our mission is to show kids that God has made them to be creative and to give them the long lasting problem solving skills to express that deep creativity through computer programming and electronics projects.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe that God created us in His image and as such are born with a creative spirit. From kids painting, pretending to be heroes, creating things with toys, or playing music kids have an awe and wonder about the world. At some point children lose that as they are forced into regular preconceived standards. Our goal is to encourage students to think differently, to explore the world around them, to analyze the norms and, in doing so, find ways to improve them. If we start with the next generation of kids and teach them to be the creators, the ground breakers, the leaders, and the inventors then we can change the future for generations to come.

About Us

Hack BG is a registered 501c3 non profit organization founded in the fall of 2015. We have changed and evolved since then in an effort to continue to service the needs of the student community.

We are a membership based maker space focused on inspiring, educating, and mentoring students ages 8-18. Our focus is on skills we see as a necessity for the future including programming, electronics, 3d printing, 3d animation and modeling, and robotics. This is accomplished through instructional classes that are free as a part of the student membership. Once the basics are learned through the instructional classes students are encourage to branch out with our open room mentoring days where students can come in to a safe environment and be challenged to work on their own projects, seeing their own ideas come into fruition, all while being guided by our volunteer instructors.

With an encouraging and challenging environment students can begin to change the world. Sign your student up today and set them on the right path for the future.

Class Offerings

Game Programming with Snapp!

Want to learn how to program while also making a video game? Come join us for beginner game programming class. Each class students will make a different classic video game while learning the basics of computer programming and video game design.


Game Programming with Stencyl

Ready to take your game programming to the next level? Learn how to program using Stencyl, a programming environment used to create mobile, windows, mac, and html5 games. Each class we will teach a different concept in making games. This is perfect for older students or students who are already comfortable with Snapp and want a harder challenge.


Electronic Project Of The Month

If you have a long love of electronics or just want to get started then this class is for you! Once a month students will be able to come in and learn a core fundamental in electronics and then solder together an electronics project reinforcing the concept to take home with them.


Robotics Projects

Want to take your programming and electronics to the next level? Just interested in robotics and want to start there? Come on in and build your own Otto DIY robot to keep and learn how to program him to do things.


3d Print Of The Month

Interested in how 3d modeling and printing works? Once a month students will be able to come in and model a particular object and then print that object on our 3d printers. Students will learn both the basics of 3d modeling as well as 3d printing.


3d Modeling With Blender

Have an interest in 3d modeling but don’t know where to start? This class is perfect for you! Students will learn the skills necessary to start them on a path to creating 3d video game graphics, animations, and much more.


Student Mentoring

Interested in pursuing your own project but need some help? Want to tackle a hard challenge but not sure what to do? Want to work on a new game but need some guidance? Want to 3d print a creation of your own? Our open room mentoring nights are for you! Come and work on your own project with the help and guidance of our volunteers and make something great!


Build and Take

In our build and take sessions students will get to build a different project learning a variety of skills and take their project home with them. These projects are a great way for students to start putting some of their skills to practical use.


Why Choose Hack BG

With all of the offerings at schools and free things we can do online what makes Hack BG so different?

Small Class Sizes

Our class sizes are limited to 8 students. This allows our teachers to work closely with the students and prevents any student from falling behind.

Knowledgable Teachers

Our teaches have years of experience in technology and serve in some technology capacity for their full time jobs. This means that they can offer not only book experience but broader real world experience.

Affordable Cost

Our classes are some of the most affordable you will find anywhere. We believe in giving opportunities to everyone and have priced our classes to allow that to happen. You will be hard pressed to find a combination of quality offerings for anywhere near the same price.

Hands On Education

We don't do long drawn out presentations or lectures. During each class the teacher walks the students through core concepts and the students implement them as they go. This allows the students to work through problems and ask questions without waiting for an arbitrary Q.A. session.

Real World Skills

Lots of people teach programming and robotics but the thing normally missing is how what the student learns relates to the real world. Our goal is for students to graduate each class with the knowledge, inquisitiveness, and confidence to look at real world problems and start thinking how they can solve them. Its not just about the programming or robotics. Its about teaching how to critically think and then how to apply that to everyday life.

Encouraging Environment

Our desire is for all of the students to have fun and want to come back. During each class topics are presented in a fun way and students are encouraged with different difficulty levels of challenges. More advanced students will be encouraged by completing the advanced challenges while students who may be struggling a bit will be encouraged by completing the easier challenges. Every teacher wants to see the student have fun and succeed and we do everything we can to make that happen.


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Classes Taught

Becoming A Member

We are a membership based organization focused on students ages 8-18. With our belief that learning how to code and having access to technology should be open to everyone we do not charge per class. Rather we let the students take as many classes as they want for one flat fee every month. We offer a wide variety of classes as well as mentoring sessions for advanced students.

The monthly student membership fee is $50. This includes

  • Free admission to any of our classes as often as you like
  • Access to our open room mentoring days to work on their own ideas with guidance from our instructors
  • Free use of all equipment including our 3d printers
  • Free admission into any of our challenge events (game programming, 3d modelling, animation, robotics, etc)

Some large events like our drone racing event or field trips to the Maker Faire are separate from the membership fee. In addition to these large events some classes require that you purchase a kit for the student to be able to participate in the class. These are usually for the electronics and robotics classes. These kits are reused in all of the classes from their category and are the students to keep. Generally these kits will run less than $20 and are provided at our cost for parts. Membership purchase is done through PayPal and will be automatically billed every month. Should you decide to cancel your membership simply contact us and we will take care of it for you.

After you have purchased a membership students can sign up for any of our classes or open room days. If this is your first time attending classes with us sign up for an open room day and we can give you a walk through of everything we offer. All classes and open room days must be signed up for as we do have limited seating and equipment. In the event your student cannot make the class or room day you must cancel your signup within 7 days of the event or we reserve the right to charge a $10 no show fee. We want to make sure all students are able to participate in the classes as well as make sure our instructors are not volunteering for times when students are not showing up.

With so many different things to offer why wait? Sign your student up today and start them on their adventure of learning and making!

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Our Teachers.

Nick Edens
Nick Edens

Nick has been involved actively with computers since 1985. His grandfather got him interested in them and he has been working with them ever since. He currently holds a full time position as an IT manager at Checker Distributors.

Jordan Nelson
Jordan Nelson

Jordan’s passion is computers. He loves thinking differently and examining things from many angles. He has an interest in small electronics, video games, computer security, and anything technological.

Henry Finn
Henry Finn

After taking our class with us last year Henry has come on board teaching Game Programming 1 classes. He is a talented young man with a ton to offer the students and we are excited to have him join us.

Contact Us

Whether interested in our dates for upcoming classes or getting more information about volunteer opportunities we want to hear from you!

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